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Maria Navarro Skaranger

 (NO) Maria Navarro Skaranger (c) Pernille Marie Walvik

Maria Navarro Skaranger (1994) was born and lives in Oslo. As the author of just two books, Skaranger displays an impressive preciseness in the way she brings up relevant themes with great originality. Her debut novel All the Foreigners Have Closed Curtains is the first Norwegian book written in a consistent multi-ethnolect from a diverse Oslo suburb, her language absorbing expressons from different countries and backgrounds. The novel received much attention and was awarded The First Novel Prize. The film version of the novel was launched in Norwegian cinemas in March 2020.

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Winning Book

Bok om sorg

Book of Grief (The Story of Nils in the Woods) is Maria Navarro Skaranger’s second novel. A young man of around 30 has taken his own life. Through anecdotes, apparently trivial events and memories, his sister tells the story of the family before and after Nils. This is the story of a boy who was already a loner as a child, a young man who never really found his place in society, in education, at work or among friends. The mother of Nils and his siblings are trying to find their way of living on after Nils, and it turns out to be three very different tracks to follow.

 (NO) Bok om sorg

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