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Nathalie Skowronek

 (BE) Nathalie Skowronek (C) Gallimard - C. Hélie

Nathalie Skowronek was born in Brussels in 1973. After studying literature, she worked in publishing before going into womenswear for 7 years. She returned to literature in 2004 when she created the editorial collection La Plume et le Pinceau for Complexe publishing. At the age of 37, she published her first novel, Karen et moi (Arléa, 2011), the first volume of a family trilogy which takes the reader from the Polish shtetls on the road to Auschwitz. Two novels, Max, en apparence (Arléa, 2013) and Un monde sur mesure (Grasset, 2017), followed. In 2015, she published an essay inspired by her personal story entitled La Shoah de Monsieur Durand (Gallimard, 2015). Since 2016, she has been teaching in the Contemporary Writing Centre of La Cambre/École nationale supérieure des arts visuels. She also facilitates a writing workshop for the Antonin Artaud Club, a day centre for adults with psychological disabilities.

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Winning Book

La carte des regrets

Suicide, murder, accident? The circumstances of Veronique Verbruggen’s death on a trail in the Cévennes would not have occupied more than a few lines in the press if the victim had not been a well-known publisher. Questioning and sharing the same grief are two men: Daniel Meyer, her husband and an ophthalmologist, and Titus Séguier, her lover and a filmmaker, forever doomed to wait for Veronique to finally leave her husband. To Daniel, nothing has ever disturbed the 20 years of living together with his wife, whom he loves unfailingly. The love-sick Titus, hesitates between remaining silent or addressing a cinematographic love oath to Veronique by finishing the project they started together before she disappeared. Beyond varnished appearances lurks an upsetting portrait of a woman who could not choose. Nathalie Skowronek explores with great subtlety the different facets of love and how, even if times are changing, the drawing and quartering of the heart remains.

(BE) La carte des regrets

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61 rue des Saints-Pères, Paris, France

Editions Grasset

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