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EUPL Writing Contest
“A European Story: EUPL Winners Write Europe”

The EUPL Consortium is proud to present the EUPL Writing Contest “A European Story: EUPL Winners Write Europe”, an original, one-time competition that celebrates 10 years of the EUPL before the newest cycle begins.

The writing contest asks previous EUPL winners to submit stories with a European component. It is a unique initiative to celebrate literature, Europe and, of course - the EUPL.

The contest is exclusively open to former winners of the EUPL from any participating country in any year. As 2018 is the year of European Year of Cultural Heritage, a special prize will be awarded to the best short fiction in which European heritage plays a significant role. Entries to this writing contest will have to be submitted by Friday, 23 February 2018 at the very latest.

The EUPL Writing Contest will be judged by a professional jury and the public. The professional jury will be composed of selected personalities from the world of art and literature, whose profiles will be made available here in due course.

In addition, we will invite you, the public, to have your say! We are offering you the chance to cast your vote online for your favourite short fiction and to win an exciting trip to Vienna for two. More information on the voting process will follow on this page soon.

We hope you’re as excited as us to read these creative stories from all over Europe, from Montenegro to Ireland, from Iceland to Greece, as diverse, multicultural and colourful as Europe itself!

See below all the details of the writing contest, and in annex, the terms and conditions. Questions can be sent to Sophia Karner, the EUPL assistant, at

At the same time, we are creating an exciting virtual journey to take readers across Europe and to celebrate the EUPL winners. We will be reporting soon on this journey that will take us across our continent.

Terms and conditions

  1. Agreement

    By entering this contest, you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. Any participation in the contest will constitute acceptance of this agreement.

  2. Organisers

    The European Union Prize for Literature Contest (EUPL Writing Contest from hereon) is organised by the European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL) Consortium, which is comprised of the European Writers’ Council (EWC), the Federation of European Publishers (FEP) and the European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF), supported by the European Commission.

  3. Occasion

    The EUPL Writing Contest is organised to mark the 10th anniversary of the European Union Prize for Literature.

  4. Eligibility

    Entries for this competition are to be collected exclusively from previous winners of the European Union Prize for Literature from any participating country in any year. At the time of the contest, entrants may not be employed by any of the institutions of the European Union or the EUPL Consortium.

  5. Deadline

    The deadline for submission is Friday, 23 February 2018, at midnight. After this time, no further entries will be accepted.

  6. Costs

    This competition is free of charge to enter.

  7. Length

    One work of short fiction will be accepted per entrant. The short fiction must fit readably onto a minimum of two pages and a maximum of four pages. We therefore recommend that entries be limited to 2,000 words. Please contact us at, if you have any queries.

  8. Format of Submission

    Entries must be submitted electronically via an online submission form on the EUPL website. Entries sent by email or regular post will not be accepted.

  9. Topic

    The topic for this competition is “A European Story”. All works submitted for consideration must be on this topic.

  10. European Year of Cultural Heritage

    As 2018 will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the short fictions in which European heritage plays a significant role will also be eligible for a special jury prize.

  11. Originality

    All entries submitted for consideration must be the entrant’s own original writing and must not have been appeared online, in print or have been broadcast in any form previously.

  12. Language of Submission

    Entries may be submitted in any of the official languages of the participating countries.

  13. Translation

    By entering this competition, entrants are providing consent for their submission to be translated into English by translators selected by the EUPL Consortium. These translations will be given to the judging panel.

  14. Withdrawal

    Entries submitted for consideration may be withdrawn from the competition. Entrants must notify the EUPL Consortium via email to Once withdrawn, entrants may re-enter the contest, but no later than Friday, 16 February 2018, at midnight.

  15. Amendments

    Amendments cannot be made to entries after they have been submitted; stories cannot be amended; corrected or substituted. No correspondence or discussion about amendments will be entered into.

  16. Disqualification

    The EUPL Consortium reserves the right to disqualify any entry if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the entrant has breached any of these terms and conditions or has made any false declaration/s on the entry form.

  17. Values of the European Union

    The EUPL Consortium will only accept entries which adhere to the fundamental values of the European Union.

  18. Judges

    The submissions to the EUPL Contest will be:

    1. judged by a professional jury: The jury will be constituted by literary experts, critics, and other representatives in the field. The profiles of the members of the professional jury will be made available on the EUPL website.
    2. voted on by the general public via an online system.

    The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence about their decisions will be entered into. The EUPL Consortium reserves the right to change the panel of professional judges without notice. The judges reserve the right not to award the prizes if, in their opinion, such action is justified for any reason.

    Short-listed entrants will be invited to attend a presentation evening event in November 2018. The winner(s) of the contest will be announced at this event. Short-listed entrants will be notified prior to the event and asked to confirm attendance. In cases where short-listed entrants are unable to attend the event, they will be invited to send a representative on their behalf; if a representative is unable to attend, short-listed entrants will be asked to submit a short written statement to be read out at the presentation evening should they win.

  19. Copyright

    By entering this contest, entrants are providing consent for their submission to be used by the EUPL Consortium and its component organisations, including but not limited to having the submission translated into English, having both versions of the work published in their entirety in print and electronic format and having their work incorporated into promotional and social media activities of the EUPL Consortium. For promotional purposes, works may appear in an abridged form.

    The EUPL will not claim copyright ownership of any literary submissions. Entrants will own copyright of their work and any use of the work will be credited to the rights owner.

  20. Prize

    The winner(s) of the European Union Prize for Literature Writing Contest will receive an award along with additional promotion and dissemination of the authors’ work for a one-year period after winning the Prize.

  21. Cancellation

    The EUPL Consortium reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition if circumstances arise out of its control which make it necessary to do so. In the case of cancellation or amendments to the competition, the EUPL Consortium will make these known via updates on the EUPL website,

Further information about the competition, the EUPL consortium or any of its component members can be found on the following websites. The EUPL website is where entrants can find updates on the prize and any amendments, if necessary, that have been made.

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