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29 June 2012

Istros Books praised in report, receives EU grant for 5 new titles

Istros Books was awarded the score of 100/100 in a report by the EU Culture Fund, for the relevance and quality of its proposal of five titles for translation and publication in 2013-2014. The report went on to outline the success of previous titles and PR strategies, as well as to praise our efforts in promoting quality literature in translation on the English-speaking market:

"Given the circumstances of the UK book market [...] where only 4% of fiction books are translations [...] this project certainly reaches beyond national interests and enhances the knowledge of foreign literature to a great extent".

"Istros Books is a small but very prosperous publishing house with great competence".

But which the authors can you look forward to seeing published by Istros in the future? Well, there is more from the polemic Montenegrin writer, Andrej Nikolaidis, whose wit and intelligence have already won him a select fan base during his two visits to the UK earlier this year; another European Prize for Literature winner, Jelena Lengold; the Serbian author and poet Maria Knezevic, with a special kind of biographical novel; the "certainly canonised and almost legendary Macedonian poet and writer" P. Andreevski; and last but not least the Croatian playwright and poet, Matko Srsen, with his fantasy novel for young adults, praised as "a Balkan contemporary to Harry Potter".