European Union Prize for Literature

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15 June 2015

Request for input for the further development and enhancement of the EUPL

The European Commission is in general very satisfied with the way in which the European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL) has been operated since its launch. Together with other awards granted in the field of culture, the EUPL has given new and exciting possibilities to authors, cultural operators and entrepreneurs, cultural sites as well as to their audiences in the field of literature. Having said so, the Commission believes that it is obliged, once in every so many years, to check if what has worked well for such a long time is still the best method to follow.

The European Commission is therefore collecting input and ideas regarding the further development and enhancement of the EUPL. All feedback is welcome; be it a point or two, questions, ideas or more comprehensive comments.

Should you be interested in having your say please email your comments to by 30 June 2015.