European Union Prize for Literature

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8 September 2016

EUPL winner of Romania, Claudiu M. Florian, will celebrate his award-winning book in the loveliest new bookstore of Bucharest

Next Wednesday, on the 14th of September, this year’s Romanian European Union Prize for Literature winner Claudiu M. Florian will visit the “Cărtureşti Carousel”, a magical monument-turned-bookstore in the centre of Bucharest. The writer, whose books inspired by his childhood in Transylvania have been widely praised by readers and experts alike, will hold discussions with acclaimed literary critic and essayist Dan C. Mihailescu.

“Cărtureşti Carousel” (meaning Carousel of Light), which will serve as the venue of the event, was only opened last year in a XIXth century building, and immediately received international attention for its spacious interior filled with heavenly light as well as for its charming atmosphere. The store holds more than 10,000 books and also features an art gallery and a bistro on the top floor.

Besides the discussions, Mr. Florian will also read out excerpts from his book and answer questions, so it is really an unmissable opportunity to meet one of the great upcoming writers of contemporary Romanian literature. In case you are in Bucharest at the time, do not miss it!