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9 October 2016

EUPL event held in Estonia with Paavo Matsin "wonderfully intimate"

Croissants and glasses of wine awaited the 30-odd literature fans who have attended the official EUPL event dedicated to celebrate Paavo Matsin's victory. The author, famous for his extravagant character and avant-garde writing, looked to be relishing the occasion and talked in his usual unforgettable style about the effect the Prize had on his career, among many other topics.

After the discussions, the audience had the chance to take pictures with Mr. Matsin, ask for his signature in the award-winning book "Gogoli disko" (of which 14 has been sold during the event), or simply to engage in a short conversation with the very jovial and approachable author. Participants have widely praised the atmosphere of the event, which one described as "wonderfully intimate".

After the event, the author answered a few questions. You can watch the video on this link.

You can find more photos of the event on our Facebook page.