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2 November 2016

EUPL-winning authors celebrated at the Frankfurt Book Fair

With around 7,300 exhibitors and almost 300,000 visitors, the Frankfurt Book Fair is arguably the biggest trade fair for the international publishing industry. 

Since this year's Guests of Honour have been Flanders and The Netherlands, EUPL-winning authors from these territories have received special attention from the visitors. Marente de Moor has personally charmed the audience at the Flemish-Dutch stand of the Book Fair, while Christophe van Gerrewey has been represented through his publisher. Exclusively for the occasion, a booklet has been printed containing biographies of all of our Dutch-speaking authors as well as excerpts from their EUPL award-winning books.

At the Slovenian stand, a very successful reception was organised involving his year's winner Jasmin B. Frelih, whose book Na/Pol (In/Half) has already won more than 10 translation deals across Europe and is touted as one of the biggest emerging literary talents in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our volunteers were also at the Fair to hand out free coffee and EUPL-themed bags to visitors.

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