European Union Prize for Literature

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16 November 2016

The selection process for next year's candidates is underway!

After having participated in a kick-off meeting to learn about their tasks and duties in October, members of the national juries are now in the process of compiling their countries' shortlist of talented and up-and-coming fiction writers.

This year, as usual, 12 new winners will be selected. The countries to participate in 2017 are Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Malta, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Serbia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. If you are curious about the composition of the juries, you can find the relevant document here.

The selection process is explained in detail under the "What is EUPL" tab.

Juries will compile shortlists of 2 to 4 ideal candidates for the Prize by January, and will select their winners from the list before the Annual EUPL Award Ceremony, to be held on the 23rd of May, 2017.