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14 December 2016

Antonis Georgiou's EUPL event in Cyprus provides the perfect finale for the EUPL events of 2016

Last Thursday, on the 8th of December, the round of celebration of the EUPL winners of 2016 have arrived to the picturesque island of Cyprus. As a country with only a handful of internationally recognised authors, there was a strong feeling of anticipation in the air the whole week.

The event took place in the biggest bookstore of the island, the Soloneion Book Centre, owned by Akis Christou, a real "man of books" with an obsession for quality literature, and organised in close cooperation with the Creative Europe Desk of Cyprus. Authors such as Sofroni Sophronius and Louisa Papaloizou, as well as philologist and scholar Lefteris Papaleontiou have held discussion with the author; and not only just about Georgiou's authentic and wonderfully written book "An Album of Stories", but also about literature and its role in the Cypriot culture.

As the event quickly reached a full house, some extra seats had to be added to the back rows to accomodate everyone interested in the discussion. Rose petal tea was served to add to the already harmonious atmosphere. In sum, it was an event to remember for all participants, and it provided the ideal resolution to a year full of wonder and excitement for everyone involved with the European Union Prize for Literature.

You can find pictures of the event on our facebook page, while an interview made at the venue is available on vimeo.

The whole EUPL team wishes you Happy Holidays and we look forward to welcoming you on our events in 2017 too!