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3 February 2017

2016 EUPL winner Jasmin B. Frelih shares his thoughts and plans for the upcoming year

At the EUPL event held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) last month, 2016 EUPL winner Jasmin B. Frelih seduced his audience with a delightful combination of literature and music.

Here are some of his thoughts on the changes that this prize brought to his life, as well as his plans for the upcoming year:

The author admits being "beyond excited" at the prospect of spending a few months in Brussels (Belgium) thanks to the Passa Porta foreign author residency programme. He adds that the time spent in the European capital will "come in handy" to put the finishing touches on his latest book, a collection of essays that he's currently publishing.

He further gives us a glimpse on his relationship with his characters and their evolution, as well as announcing a second novel that he's already started gathering material for, saying to be "really looking forward to it".

When asked about the benefits brought by EUPL, he explains that everything is still in motion, all while regretting not being in closer touch with other EUPL winners before concluding: "I hope we will have the chance to meet again".

Watch the full video here: [11:18]