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7 March 2017

Creative Europe's Literary Translation scheme co-finances more than 120 new translations in 15 European languages

The "Literary translation" scheme is part of Creative Europe's efforts to promote the transnational circulation of literature and its diversity in Europe and beyond and to expand the readership of quality translated books.

The scheme offers grants to eligible publishers for the co-financing of the translation, publication and promotion of a "package" of minimum 3 and maximum 10 works of fiction. The translation and promotion of books from lesser used languages into English, French, German or Spanish is encouraged, as it increases the visibility of the books in Europe and beyond. The translation of books whose authors have won the EUPL is also encouraged. Financial contributions from the EU cannot exceed 50% of the total eligible costs of the project.

Out of the numerous submissions by various publishers throughout the whole European continent, 38 projects were selected, for a total of 407 translations in 15 target European languages, as well as in Turkish and Georgian. Out of these, 123 involve works by 58 former EUPL winners, some of which are being translated for the first time.