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9 February 2018

Interview with Bianca Bellová

Which part of yourself did you bring to the story of Jezero? (Biographical facts, a friend or a family member has inspired you for a character, etc.)

None of it, actually, perhaps except for the feelings which are quite universal to all humans. But the whole story is pretty much a fabulation from the word Go.     

You have already sold the rights to your books to an impressive list of countries, among them France, Germany and The Netherlands. Is there one specific language you would love to be translated into? Why?

A Japanese translation is currently looking very promising and that gives me a lot joy, as making it in Japan would mean that the story and its appeal are truly universal. And of course, I still have my fingers crossed for the English translation, as it is my second language and the English speaking audience is so huge.

With the rights sold, Nami’s story will touch a larger readership from France to Poland, how does it feel that the story of this boy will cross Europe?

I still feel like somebody is playing a big joke with me. I am really quite curious about the reception in other countries, though.

You have already written four books. In the near future, is there a specific topic that you would dream to write about, or a specific genre that you would dream to write in?

Yes, I am actually writing my next novel as we speak, but I have a strict rule to never about a book before it is finished. And rarely after that, for that matter.  

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