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9 July 2018

Jānis Joņevs at the Hong Kong Book Fair "Europe And Literature"

The event "Europe and Literature" will Jānis Jonevs, EUPL 2014 winner from Latvia, will take place at the Hong Kong Book Fair on 19 July 2018 at 18:30.

In this seminar, Jānis Joņevs, the Latvian winner of the 2014 edition of the European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL), will speak about the relation between reality and fiction in European literature, his experiences with winning the Prize as well as his EUPL-winning novel ‘Doom 94’ (original: ‘Jelgava ’94), which has recently been published in English by Wrecking Ball Press (UK).

Even though Doom '94 is Jonevs' debut novel, the book quickly proved to be a big hit and bestseller in 2013. The story is set in the 1990s in the Latvian city of Jelgava and looks at the craze during this period for the alternative culture of heavy metal music. Jonevs takes the reader deep inside the world described in the novel: combining the intimate diary of a youngster trying to find himself by joining a subculture, as well as a skilful, detailed and almost documentary-like depiction of the beginnings of the second independence of Latvia. This is a story that is even more captivating for the generation that lived through the events described in the book – Jonevs is the first writer to stir up memories of this period through a fully-fledged literary depiction. Doom'94 is a portrait of a generation in the 1990s who are searching for their own identity and are fans of alternative culture.

You can find out more about the author and watch an interview (with English subtitles) here.

The event is being supported by the European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao and is organised in the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. 

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