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Stefan Bošković

(ME) Stefan Bošković

Stefan Bošković was born in 1983 in Podgorica, Montenegro. His books include the short story collection Transparentne životinje (Transparent Animals, 2018) and the novel Šamaranje (Slap in the Face, 2014), awarded the 2014 prize for the best manuscript novel in Montenegro. In 2016, he won second prize at the Festival of European Short Stories for Fashion and Friends. His short stories have been published in English, German, Russian and Slovenian. Bošković has written scripts for a feature-length film, several short films, a sitcom series and a number of documentaries. Several of his short plays have been staged.

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The novel Minister follows the life of Valentin Kovacevic, Minister for Culture of Montenegro, during nine turbulent days in which he struggles with the difficulties of business pressures, cultural customs, administration and the inevitable bottom line of family history. And with himself. Bošković writes film fast and literary studiously, with elements of political thriller, noir, psychedelia and the melancholy of human beings and society in transition growing organically and unpredictably from each other, so that every now and then the reader will ask who is crazy here: the minister, society or the reader themself. There are no easy answers to such difficult questions, and as mesmerising as this book may be, its effect is dissecting and sobering: both human beings and society reveal themselves in all their misery and opulence, in disharmony and striving to attain the coveted normalcy and peace.

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