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We are happy to introduce the following jury members for Finland:

Ville Rauvola, publisher, President of the Jury

Aki Järvinen, sales manager (Academic Bookstore Helsinki)

Anne Mäntynen, author and teacher of Finnish Literature

Malin Kivelä,  novelist and playwright

Sinikka Vuola, author and creative writing teacher


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Ville Rauvola

Ville Rauvola is a publisher for the publishing house Atena.

Aki Järvinen

Aki Järvinen is sales manager at the Academic Bookstore Helsinki.

Anne Mäntynen

Anne Mäntynen is an author and teacher of Finnish Literature.

Malin Kivelä

Malin Kivelä is a novelist and playwright.

Sinikka Vuola

Sinikka Vuola is an author and creative writing teacher.