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Chloé Billon

Chloé Billon (born 1986 in Nantes, France) is a literary translator and conference interpreter. After graduating in humanities with a focus on English and German literature, having in the meanwhile begun to travel regularly to former Yugoslavia, she studied Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian languages and cultures at the Inalco (French National Institute for Eastern languages and cultures), and lived in Belgrade and Zagreb. She holds a Masters degree in literary translation and another in conference interpreting, and was also part of the young literary translators training program (ETL) of the French National Book Center (CNL).

She has translated or is translating into French the works of several great Croatian contemporary writers : Renato Baretić, Zoran Ferić, Robert Perišić, Damir Karakaš, Olja Savičević, Slavenka Drakulić, Bekim Sejranović and Dubravka Ugrešić.


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