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Lindita Tahiri

Lindita Tahiri teaches at the Department of English Language and Literature and at the Department of Journalism of the Faculty of Philology in Prishtina, and her courses cover Literary Criticism, Stylistics, Language and Culture, Language and Ideology, Mass Communication, and Translation. She has been Vice Rector of the University of Prishtina from 2012-2016.

 She has been a grantee of the British Council during her MA studies in 1985 at the University of East Anglia, a Fulbright student during the academic year 1986/87 at the University of Chicago,  a research assistant at the University of San Diego during 1988 and 1989 and she received the Humphrey scholarship during the academic year 2010/11 at the University of Maryland in Washington D.C. From 2003-2010 she had the position of the Kosova National Coordinator for the European Commission Program for Higher Education “Tempus”.

She has published two collections of poetry and has translated Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”, as well as well as prose and poetry from English and American writers including Dickinson, Woolf, Hemingway, Golding.  She is member of the Kosovo Pen Club.

She has publications, including three books, in the field of literary criticism and discourse analysis.


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