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Osman Gashi

Osman Gashi (Prishtina, 1962) is Professor of World Literature, Comparative Literature and Mythology at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Philology (Department of Albanian Literature).

His books and scholarly articles cover a wide range of studies on Albanian and world literature, treatises in the field of Comparative Literature and Intertextuality as well as analysis on myths and mythology.

He has published the following volumes of studies:

  • Interliterary Studies, Rozafa, Prishtina, 2001
  • European Myth and Romanticism, Pen Center of Kosovo, Prishtina, 2005
  • The Boundaries of Literature, Rozafa, Prishtina, 2008
  • Literature and Myth (election), Om, Prishtina, 2014

Poetry volumes:

  • Beyond Forgetting, Rozafa, Prishtina, 1999
  • Celestial Rivers, Rozafa, Prishtina, 2004
  • The Living Torso, (choice), Days of Naim, Tetovo, 2007

He currently lives in Prishtina.


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