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Anna Ospelt, born in 1987 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Studied sociology, media and education in Basel. She publishes poetry and short stories in literary magazines and anthologies. For her book "Wurzelstudien", she received, among others, a scholarship from the Nantesbuch Foundation as part of the German Prize for Nature Writing and the Literary Colloquium Berlin, and was nominated for the Clemens Brentano Prize. In April 2023 her new book "Frühe Pflanzung" will be published by Limmat Verlag, Zurich. Anna Ospelt lives in Vaduz. 

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Fruhe pflanzung (Early Planting)

Plant a seed in the ground, water carefully and wait. Let a child grow in the mother's womb and wait for it to be born. Anna Ospelt describes these elementary processes in her inimitable poetic way. Explorations of the child, the garden, the trees and birds intertwine to form a powerful text about life's beginnings. Ever-present is the social question: What does becoming a mother mean for a woman today, and for her work--in the author's case, her writing? 

"Frühe Pflanzung" is a sensitive investigation of parenthood and an  idiosyncratic observation of nature. 

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