Evelyne Noygues is a literary translatress. In 2008, she graduated from the National Eastern Languages and Civilisations Institute (Inalco) in Paris, France, with a Master 2 in "European Studies". After a double qualification in Albanian language and History, she goes from university translation to literary translation. In 2011, she joined the European Theatre Translation Network Eurodram where she translated several Albanian-speaking drama writers from Albania and Kosovo. Besides her activities as a literary translator, she has regularly been giving lectures and writing articles on a figure of the Albanian National Movement, Jashar Erebara (1876-1954), for more than ten years. She has been twice a finalist of French literary translation prizes for her translation of “Le Petit Bala. The legend of loneliness” by R. Dibra : first for the Revelation Translation Award (2018) from the Société des Gens de Lettres and later for the Pierre-François Caillé Award (2019) from Société française des Traducteurs.
Among her main translations from Albanian into French:
“Le Petit Bala. The legend of loneliness”, a novel from Ridvan DIBRA (Editions Le Ver à Soie, Paris, March 2018), with a subvention from the Albanian Ministry of Culture.
“Terre brûlée”, a novel from Dashnor KOKONOZI (Éditions Non-Lieu, Paris, October 2013).
Poems from Maks VELO (Edition Emal, Tirana, 2011).
Two plays from Jeton Neziraj (Kosovo): “Flight over the Kovoso Theater” and “A Show for four actors”, together with Sébastien Gricourt (Editions l'Espace d´un Instant, France, October 2020).
The album “Ottocar Scepter” by HERGÉ, together with the artist Arben Selim (Bénart Editions, Paris, Sept. 2014).