Born in Famagusta, Cyprus, on 21st August 1947. Studied Business Administration at West London College, London, and then returned to Famagusta and started working at his father’s bookshop. On August 14 he had to leave his hometown along with thousands of other Greek Cypriots, who fled for their lives because of the advancing Turkish army who invaded Cyprus in July ’74.
With his wife Dina and first daughter Maria, emigrated to Athens, Greece, where they were both employed by Eleftheroudakis Bookshop. His second daughter Yianna was born in Athens. He returned to Cyprus late in 1978 and revived the family business in Limassol where he still leaves today.
He is the Financial Manager and a co-owner of K.P. Kyriakou (Books-Stationery) Ltd and Managing Director and co-owner of K.M. Kyriakou Fullpage Bookshops Ltd, where he also manages a publishing activity under the imprint Mikrokyklos Books. Both companies run bookshops in Limassol and Paphos.
He is the Vice President of the Cyprus Booksellers Association and has served as Secretary at the Limassol Cultural Associations Council for several years as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Limassol Theatre Company, and the Rialto Organisation.