Laura Sintija Černiauskaitė

Laura Sintija Černiauskaitė (b. 1976). Prose writer, playwright. She was born in Vilnius. In 1994 she left Vilnius Senvage School and in 1996 – enrolled into Vilnius University Department of Extramural Studies to study the Lithuanian language and literature. In 1998-1999 she worked as a freelance publicist at magazine Malonumas, in 2000 – as a language editor at children magazine Genys, in 2001-2002 as a journalist at magazine for young mother Tavo vaikas.

Noémi Szécsi

Noémi Szécsi (b.1976), writer and translator. She graduated in Finnish and English in Budapest, and studied cultural anthropology in Helsinki. She published her first novel, Finno-Ugrian Vampire in 2002, reprinted in 2003 due to its success. The script based on the novel was shortlisted by the workshop of Sundance Institute. Besides being a historical novel and a saga of a family, Communist Monte Cristo, published in 2006, is an artistic interpretation of the history of a communist idea in Hungary based on elaborate research.

Anthology 2009

This publication entitled "Twelve Winning Authors 2009" presents the EUPL winners of that year along with excerpts from their winning books in both original language and English/French translation.